Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet Dreams ...Ottobre 05-2011-2

Next cab off the rank for the fabric stash contest.  This fabric was bought in approximately March 2009.  However the top I planned to make from it didn't eventuate (probably lucky as this fabric is too busy for my taste to wear as I top - what was I thinking?).  However I finally worked out a use for it.  Pyjama pants - what I call girly boxers.   I have wanted to make myself a pair since I made some for my boys.

The pattern I used is from Ottobre magazine 05-2011, pattern No. 2 Sweet Dreams.  I cut a size 40 as I prefer pj's to be on the loose side (I am between 38 and 40 since Christmas... darn it!).  The fabric is a stretch satin (polyester) bought from Lincraft.  I needed more than they state (I think they assume wide fabric).  I used about 75 cm.

I made a few changes to the pattern.  I cut the waistband facing off as I wanted to attach the elastic like boxers.  I am not keen on using casing as I hate the elastic twisting and I think this looks more RTW.  Well, from the outside anyway where you don't notice the wonky stitches that happen when you are sewing while stretching the elastic.

I also hemmed the pants instead of using picot-edged lace.  I did use a fancy stitch though - pj's are one of the few places you can play with stitches!

This is how I plan to wear them - with a singlet tee, not tucked in though.

Sweet dreams - can't wait to try them when the weather decides to warm up again... Ciao!


  1. You did a really good job from the elastic to the hem. I like that fancy stitch too.

  2. Perfect use for your fabric and I really like the girly boxers.

  3. You have been very productive and busy . I love sewing PJ shorts too.

  4. Pretty boxers. I like the fancy hem stitching too. I'd never thought of using decorative stitches on a hem until I recently read it on kbenco's blog.

  5. Cute boxers. Nice finishing work Sue.

  6. Cute little sleeping outfit. It sure beats the old rags I sleep in!

  7. Oh, these are really cute and sound comfy made up in silky fabric!


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