Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sorbetto tops

The next two items for the Fabric Stash contest.  Collete patterns Sorbetto top.  A free pattern available for download and very popular in sewing land.  I made a few alterations to this top and I would recommend tissue fitting or a toile before you make this one up.  

My first top is made from a piece of left-over fabric purchased in 2008.  This is a good pattern for using those small pieces of fabric. This fabric is a Japanese quilting cotton with the most exquisite cherry blossom print.  To play up the subtle pink I added a few pink buttons to this top.  I have made the front pleat on this pattern slightly smaller as I was restricted by the narrow width of the cotton.

The back..

The alterations I made to the pattern were to adjust the bust dart (angle and shorten it), add about 5cm to the length and scooped out the bottom of the armholes.  As I was short of fabric I didn't make bias from the same fabric but used a bias binding but turned to the inside.

The second was is a gorgeous piece of silk found in a remnant bin in January 2009.  Beautiful fabric but a PITA to work with.  I used french seams and also bound the armholes and neck edge to the inside using the method found in Threads magazine #145 (Thanks Belinda for pointing this out!)  This time the pleat is as per the pattern.

I am not overly happy with the hem on this top and tried it twice.  However I see this one being a layering piece (and so hopefully the hem won't be seen) and pictured below is the fabric for the next top I plan to make.

This is also a stash fabric, perfect for the contest but I am not sure I will get it completed this week-end to review before the contest finishes.  Let's see how I go....


  1. Love your Sorbetto's -they are a great little top. I have just made three different ones, all with changes ( And plan on making up a few more - perfect for our climate...

  2. Both tops look great Sue, but I particularly love your cotton version with the pink buttons! Great idea. The buttons really make this top IMHO, so much so they should be on the original pattern. :) You're welcome about the Threads article.

  3. Great tops and look forward to your next version.

  4. I like both tops and I like how you've done the first top different.

  5. Loving these Sorbetto tops. Love your choide of fabric too. I've been enjoying looking at Doobee's as well.

    I've got to comment on the animals. Isn't it just like a cat to have a "glamour shot" and just like a dog to be "all over it". They look like fun.

  6. They're both lovely tops, I really like the buttons on the floral one. The Sorbetto has been so popular, I'm really enjoying seeing all the different versions.

  7. What pretty tops! I especially love the cherry blossom print version

  8. You've convinced me to finally give the Sorbetto a try. It is not drafted for my body top, but I would like to develop a pullover woven block. Love your versions!


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