Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 year in review

Everyone is looking at what they have achieved in the last year and I hadn't planned to do this, but had the time, so sat down and worked out what I made this year.

First up I made a grand total of 50 sewn items and 3 crochet. Pretty happy with that! It can be broken down by category to:

Tops - 14
Dresses - 9
Skirts - 8
Pants - 7
Cardigans - 3
Active wear - 2
PJ pants - 1
Men's/boy's t-shirts - 4
Dog coat -1
Scarf (hand sewn rolled edge) - 1

2 crochet scarves
1 crochet vest

I obviously love sewing tops most and much watch I don't make too many! I also enjoy dresses and skirts. Pants - not so much and it was my least successful category as only 3 of those 7 pants still hang in the wardrobe. That is mostly due to the fact I have lost weight and changed shape this year and pants are the first thing that show that changes have happened. A few skirts have also gone that way! The good side is that I gave them to a friend, who gave them to her daughter's playgroup and a few of the girls were very happy to get some new clothes (as they mostly shop for second-hand).

I did have one major flop which is Burda 7580, however I still have this outfit and when the weather cools I will pull it out and see what I can do to make me happier to wear it.

In terms of success, these have been my favorites this year:

Jalie 2796 - the skort. I made two of these and they get a lot of wear.

Burda 09 2008 120 - skirt. I made two of these as well.

The brown skirt is pictured with my favorite blouse McCalls 5522. I wear this one a lot and always feel good when I do.
Dresses - the pick would have to be Jalie 3024

I love the Jalie cardigan I made to go with it, but haven't worn it much as yet as the weather has warmed up, but I am hoping to get lots of wear from it this year (and plan to make another).

I had a couple of others I loved as well - Kwik sew 3740 - cowl neck top - I made 4 of those!

Overall I think I had a good year. This coming year I am planning to try a few different things - lingerie and swim-wear. I also plan to finish some jackets, including the lined jacket I cut out at the end of Winter.

Stash-wise I plan to sew as much as I can from stash and only purchase when I have a fabric need that cannot be found in the stash (for an immediate project). The stash build-up bothers me as we started renovating our house at the beginning of November last year and as I packed all my fabrics away, I was quite mortified at how much I had!

2011 will bring things to look forward to - when the renovation is finished I will have my own sewing studio - a dedicated space for craftingness and sewing fun!

I hope everyone had a great 2010 but an even better sewing 2011!

In reply to a few questions I have had on my posts,

Gail the orange top pictured above with the floral skirt is RTW.

Alison & Janine The yellow top in my previous post about the crochet vest is Jalie 2788.


  1. You made some really lovely things last year Sue. I adore that Jalie dress on you. Gorgeous. And the cardi! I know what you mean about tops...tops are tops in my book! LOL

  2. Wow Sue that's a great sewing tally and all look fantastic on you. I look forward to seeing what you make this year in your new sewing studio.

  3. Congratulations on your sewing accomplishments this past year. I look forward to following along again in 2011. I missed seeing your previous post until tonight. I love the crochet vest. Such a versatile color and style.

  4. Pretty good year!! I particularly like that cardy. Looks very stylish.

  5. You've had a creative sewing year and you've inspired me so I really hope you love the new sewing room and can keep creating exciting new fashion. Happy New Year.

  6. You had a wonderful year in 2010! Look forward to seeing what 2011 brings...

  7. What a great year for you! Seeing the Jalie skort reminds me that I need to make some of those for the gym.

  8. That does look like a great sewing year! And I can see why the Jalie zebra dress is your favorite, it is sensational on you.


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