Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to make a jumper for an Ompa-Lompa

First up before that almighty important lesson I want to show you my muslin (so far) for Burda 7579. I only need to add the sleeves (or sleeve as it only a muslin).

So far I am very happy with the fit straight out of the packet. I will probably need to shorten the sleeve but I will see after I get around to making it.

The funny part of this was that I made the muslin, tried it on (over my clothing) and it fit... put it on Diana - it didn't fit. Diana hasn't been keeping up with the program! I needed to drop her hip size and bust size to match mine. Funny how these things sneak up on you!

About the ompa-lompa jumper...

When I was in Warwick for the Jumpers & Jazz festival, I saw some bags made from felted jumpers and had to try one myself. So I purchased this lovely 100% wool jumper from the op shop.

I like the cream colour but it is not very practical for a fabric bag (for me) so decided to dye it olive green at the same time I was putting it through a hot wash to felt it.

Well, olive green it ain't and shrink! ...eek!... I expected it to shrink but not this much...

DH commented that I had made a jumper for an ompa-lompa...

Now I hope I have fabric left to make a bag. It is also very thick so I am not sure how it is going to go. Maybe it should be a hat?

Oh - and for anyone who may be interested I have resurrected my fitness blog - Fit & Forty *mumble*.


  1. Lookin' good - how lucky for you to have something fit straight out of the pattern - I spend at least an hour sometimes longer adjusting my patterns... and how unusual to have to adjust your dummy down.. a bet there are not many of us who have to do that!

  2. Sue, I think you were just lucky to find something 100% wool to felt! Dyeing it was a good idea. When we did the felting course it did surprise me just how little the piece ended up from what we started with.

  3. Your jacket is looking good. I love Burda jackets - they come together with the precision of German engineering.

  4. Hmmm... felted knitting, huh?

    To answer your question - I've only ever felted knitwear by accident. I like the idea of felted knit flowers, though!


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