Monday, March 15, 2010

Mini Wardrobe preparation

I really appreciate the feedback I received on my post about my wardrobe plan. Everyone seemed to give the kind of comments I was hoping for on the pattern choices and the only expressed concern was on my choice of the winter white wool jersey for one of the tops. I had the same concerns (which is why I probably opened it to comment) but have thought about it and plan to proceed with it. The fabric is in my stash and needs to be used and I will try and accessorise it so the pale colour does not wash me out too much. I also think it will be a versatile top because of its basic colour, so with all these in mind it is staying in the plan. (I am however going shopping to a few fabric shops in Brisbane next week-end so if I find something else... well, I am always open to!)

I have been madly washing fabric and tracing patterns. Two of my patterns are still in the mail, so if they don't show up soon, my plan may well change again! I decided I need to muslin a couple of these pieces so have just put together a muslin of the Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Flippy Skirt.

The muslin is put together with calico (in Australia, muslin in America, I think) So of course it does not flow so nicely as the suggested fabrics. However ignoring the fabric, I am happy with the cut. I cut a size 12. I seem to fit a 10 top and a 12 bottom in HP. Front of skirt:

Back of skirt showing the cute 'flippy' bit (not so flippy in this fabric):

The fabric I am planning to use is a black doubleknit bought a while back from Gorgeous fabrics. I did not keep a good record of this order so I am not 100% sure of the fabric content but I believe it may have some rayon in it. (Now when I place an order like that I make sure I save a copy on my computer and actually copy all the details of each fabric from the website to the order so that later I can see the content of the fabric, washing instructions, etc).

My only concern is that I am wondering if I should use a lining weight fabric on the inside of the yoke as the dobleknit is so thick it may be too bulky to double up at the yoke. I have a rayon lining bought in my last order (not black but I thought that might work). Any thoughts?

OK - gratuitous cat shots - Lulu helping me sew (she managed to look away just as I took the shot so you cannot see her beautiful orange eyes)...

Lulu trying to work out how that wildlife got into the TV...

I plan to muslin the McCalls blouse next...


  1. Love the dress from your previous post and also that skirt. Lulu is, as ever, gorgeous. :)

  2. Sue, I'm looking forward to seeing your mini wardrobe come together. Oh and don't worry about that winter white colour being too pale for you. I think it will work really well. Winter white is one of the colours fair skin ladies like ourselves should wear. It's not considered pale.

  3. I always love seeing what everyone makes in this mini wardrobe contest. I look forward to yours. My cat loves to assist in my sewing, too. :)

  4. If the doubleknit you bought is the same one as I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics, it is rayon. I will check my file when I get home. I made a dress with it and lined it in poly rayon. I didn't use the facings suggested in the pattern because I was concerned about bulk.

  5. I can't wait to see the finished version of the skirt, I have this pattern at home, and haven't yet traced it off, but I just love that kicky, flippy back on it. I think it will look fantastic on you!


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