Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mini Wardrobe preparation - McCalls 5522 muslin

Diana in her new muslin outfit - 1/2 a mini-wardrobe!

The blouse is McCall's 5522, and I can see why it is held in high regard on Pattern Review, in fact I think it was a pattern of the year last year! It is worth following these recommendations - there is a reason people like this pattern!
I am making View B the *growl* print top - however mine will be teal and my muslin is a lovely piece of end of roll cotton fabric in aqua I picked up yesterday at $2/m. I never imagined wearing aqua, but this colour has quite taken my fancy!

I could only muslin with this piece though, as there was only enough fabric for one sleeve and ruffle (enough for the purpose of this exercise). As it was, I muffed the collar band and had to cut another one in calico as I did not have enough of the aqua cotton to cut another set.

I made the ruffle as I really wanted to get a feel for the size of it and I really like it - cute but not overwhelming. I was also concerned the full sleeve may be overwhelming but I quite like it. I hope it is not too much in the teal fabric I have planned for this top.

The only real adjustments I can see are that the top of the sleeve has missed my shoulder - the dotted line over the shoulder is where I think it should sit. However I won't alter this on the pattern I will just check when I get to that stage. Also the hips are a tad snug so I think I will add a smidge to the seams around the hip. I am going through a pear phase at the moment. I thought a while back I wasn't a pear (maybe an inverted triangle) but most patterns seem to be suggesting lately that I am.

The back where you can see clearly it is snug over the hips.

The only other adjustment I am considering is making the collar slightly smaller, but am still thinking about that.

I can see many more of these tops in my future. It looks better on me than on Diana - but you will have to trust me on that for the moment.

I have spent nearly a day making this rough as guts muslin so I see I will have to allow at least two full days to finish the real one. Tomorrow the real comp starts (and I have to go to work *boo hoo*!)


  1. Looking good. I keep meaning to make this pattern but it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile. After your post I really should pull it out yet again. Maybe this time I may even sew it. :)

  2. I liked the color and style of your blouse a lot before I read it was just the muslin. So I anticipate that the finished blouse is going to look great.

  3. I think that will look fab on you! I'm into the ruffles and fuller sleeve.

  4. Your blous looks great, I'd leave the collar the size it is, it seems to work in well with the frill, too small and the frill may become overpowering.

  5. It's too bad that you don't have enough of that pretty fabric to make the whole blouse. I think it looks great! Tight on the hips? I don't see that. I love the ruffle. You are right that it is just the right size. I'd probably do the collar a little smaller, too, but that's just me. The color is so pretty.


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