Sunday, July 19, 2009

One last post about the HP shirt

You probably thought I had finished showing you the Hot Patterns shirt....wrong.. your comments have encouraged me to show you!
I thank everyone who left comments either here or on my review (or the Great White Shirt sewalong board on Pattern Review). it was lovely to have your feedback... got to love this on-line sewing community.
As it did generate quite a few comments, I thought I might show you some close-up shots - particularly for those who are interested in trying this shirt themselves. I couldn't get these photos with my little point & shoot camera as the fabric is so difficult to photograph, but this week-end I enlisted the help of my camera-club hubby.
First detail - this is the cut-in shoulder and inverted box pleat in the sleeve top. Hopefully you can also see that I have flat-felled the armhole seam.
This is a photo of the placket and cuff finished. The pattern advocates a bias band to finish the placket area - however as I had recently learnt how to do this on a course, I chose to do a 'proper' placket. I have folded back the cuff and just put one button to hold it under the fold. I have a RTW shirt that has a cuff like this. It is supposed to be a french cuff but I don't think that would work with this style of placket.

This is the front button band. I didn't put any buttons above where I would button this shirt (mainly because I didn't have enough!) I don't think it matters too much on this shirt. What do you think? Notice the gathers are not at the bust line but under it.

Here is a close-up of the button to try and show you the colours.

And lastly, the back yoke with pleat and back seaming detail.

OK, I promise to get onto other things next time. I have started another shirt Burda wof 04-2009-105 in a chambray. I am attempting pin-tucking on that one to jazz it up a bit... not sure how that is going to go. I am having trouble marking and visualising the pintuck details so I have dived in and ordered a Diana dressmaker's dummy so that I can put the shirt on that while I work it out. So that shirt may stall for a bit until that arrives.
I also did my first lesson to make a Chanel -style jacket - had heaps of fun!. So I should get off this computer now to do my 'homework' for that class!


  1. Ooo, thanks for the close-up photos sue! I have this pattern and I had no idea there was a pleat in the top of the sleeve. :) Re the button placement, I actually like it when the buttons stop before the collar on a ladies blouse. I do this a lot on my own clothes.

  2. Your sewing is beautiful - so even. Thank you for the extra photos. It's a lovely shirt and fits you so well. Well done!! Cat1

  3. Beautiful job on the HP shirt. I've noticed the front gathering detail in RTW a lot lately. Very nice. Thank you for the close up shots.

  4. Beautiful! I love the pleats at the shoulder and the back yoke. If Hot Patterns had included so much detail on their drawings, I might have succumbed and purchased it! Now that I have seen your fantastic shirt I will definitely be purchasing this pattern.

  5. You did a lovely job on all those details! Your sleeve plackets are mighty impressive.

  6. Thanks for all of your posts on this shirt! I just got this pattern in the mail and I'm going to try it. I hope it turns out as well as yours did. Your details look wonderful!


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