Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chanel Post #2

Madly sewing this week-end - this jacket is very time consuming... I went looking for information on how to make Chanel jackets - out of my books I found this book had some great information on pages 182 to 185. It is very similar to how we are constructing our jackets in this class.
I am using fringing as part of the embellishment of this jacket. The selvedge does not have a great fringe, but the other way can be fringed and comes up lovely. Basically - cut a straight edge, fray the fabric to the desired depth, then zigzag the edge to stop it fraying any further. Cut the strip off...

Closeup of the zig-zagged fringe...

This is my faux welt pocket with trim that I have attached to the jacket (hand sewn - my finger tips are really sore - I should have used a thimble!)

I was planning two pockets on each side but was not happy with the embellishment of the 2nd pocket so decided to go with just the one.

Next was to sew the seams and keep the lining out of the way....

The seam is pressed open and then the lining is trimmed and hand sewn closed...

Tip to help with this - quilt up to the seam allowance x 2. You need to keep the seam allowance clear plus enough space to open the jacket seam before closing the lining seam. Leave long threads on your quilting and adjust as you go. I ended up taking the jacket in a bit on the sides so you need to be able to adjust the quilting. (hope that makes sense) .

This is the jacket so far, does not look like much yet but there is still plenty more to come...

Just a note for anyone who has been following my other blog - 'Fit and forty *mumble*' I have made this blog private for the moment as I am having trouble finding time or energy to post to it. Maybe I will get back to one day... not today...


  1. This going to be gorgeous, Sue! I absolutely love the trim on the pocket plus the fabric you are using.

  2. The jacket looks GORGEOUS and the trim is perfect - not too much and not too little!

    And YAY for Diana the model!

  3. That's a great trim along with the fringe. I LOVE fringe. You must be having fun in this class!

  4. The jacket is coming along nicely and like the pocket detail.

  5. Oooh I like! The finished product is going to look fantastic.

  6. Wow! You are really putting a lot of detail and art into this jacket. I'm impressed with your patience!

  7. Looking very nice so far. My fingers always become very sore from all the hand-sewing I do with my Chanel-style coats and jackets. But it's worth it, right?!

  8. I love your chanel! How did I miss your chanel! I can't wait to do the sew along. And thank you for explaining the fringe. I was a bit confused on the concept--I am a visual learning and your pics helped me!

  9. Wow. This is stunning. How exciting!


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