Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chanel Post #1

I have attended two classes for my Chanel Jacket class and had a hoot of a time! Don't you just love hanging with people who understand your need to sew....
I think I have shown a similar photo before but this is the fabric I am using. It doesn't photo true to its colour - it is quite spring/lime green in real life and has lots of threads woven in of many different colours - cream, brown, pink, yellow, etc - you cannot pick it up in the photo.
Here are the back pieces lined in white silk and hand-quilted to the main fabric pieces. We have chosen to hand quilt in this class as we are all using fabrics that are loosely woven and suit hand quilting best.
We had lesson two today and spent the time working out what pockets where, what trim and how? Heaps of fun. Lucky the class is located behind a brilliant little quilting shop that carries heaps of great trims. These jackets are going to be Chanel all the way in terms of trim...

And my parting shot is to show you my new best friend... Diana - my size, stands still to try sewing on but not much of a conversationalist...

Diana is wearing my jacket to hide her modesty... and it fits ... amazing!

(Trivial note -- two staples of my life in the photo - gym bag and my slippers!)


  1. Oh what fun! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. your channel jacket is going to look great ... I think a couple of bloggers are going to do a Channel jacket sewalong soon .. sounds like you're going to beat us too it, and very professionally too!


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