Sunday, July 6, 2008

Getting ready to go

We are leaving for our trip tomorrow. We drive to Brisbane tomorrow and spend the night at my Mum & Dad's house. On Tuesday we get up at sparrow's fart to leave for the airport. The drive to the airport is notorious for being bad so that at this stage is the most worrying part of the trip. Then we fly to our first stop in Japan. I hope to keep blogging while I am away so check back I may have some travel news later.

Apart from preparing to go - which is like a half world of not being able to settle to one task and not really feeling oneself, I am still trying to shake off the world's worst head cold - something my friend Caity & I decided to share! I have also finished sewing V8157, which crazily enough no longer seems to be on the Vogue website.
However I have lost weight this month (woo hoo!) so now the pants look too baggy on me (sigh!) I would be better off now if I made them again to make them in size 14 and not 16 as here. But I have decided to show you the picture still as it is the only sewing article finished recently. I also muffed the waistband finish so I did not get the overlap but never mind - this is a wearable muslin and as such is still wearable so that is something. I look forward to getting more adventurous with my sewing on my return from this trip


  1. Enjoy your trip! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Have a wonderful trip Sue - and try to leave your cold in Australia! I've only just caught up with your June photos; you are looking fantastically fit!

  3. Have an excellent time in Finland Sue and family. Send us some scenic photos to make us all jealous. Cheers and Bon Voyage.

  4. Bon Voyage, sweetie! Have TONS of fun and don't let anyone get to you, ok?!


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