Sunday, July 13, 2008


A long day flying from up at 6 am, leaving at 11:00 am Japanese time (12 Australian) until we arrive in Helsinki and then transfer to Rovaniemi. We arrive in Rovaniemi at around 5:40 pm (Finland time) and then stayed up until 8:00 pm Finland time (which my mobile phone tells me was the equivalent of 3 am in the morning in Australia) so yes it was tiring but the flight was excellent and very comfortable, even better than the JAL flight which I thought was very good.

Today we went to the Santa Clause Village & met Santa - I can't show you that photo as we had to buy it at great expense and I haven't the facility to scan it in. However here is a photo of Damon & I at the Arctic Circle ...
In the evening ( a very loose term in a place where the sun doesn't go down) we had dinner in a local hotel and tried reindeer meat cooked in a traditional way with mashed potato and lingonberries ...
However this guy was watching me from the wall so I did feel very guilty the whole time I was eating it!


  1. Wow - the actual arctic circle! Hoe very cool! (And are you cold?)

    Had to laugh at the reindeer watching you eat!

    Thanks for the txt yesterday - I had a bed day as I've STILL got this cough - hope yours is completely gone by now. The "cold snap" is meant to end soon - but it's been bloody FREEZING here!

    Have fun, sweetie!

  2. Isn't it a beautifull place. Been there a few years ago and fell in love with the country.


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