Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Japan, here we come!

After a surprisingly easy run to the airport this morning (with a very early start), us and a lot of Japanese folk waited for the plane which was a little delayed.

At the airport, the hostess for the Emirates flights tickled me with their "I dream of Genie" hats - I obviously don't get out enough!

On the flight, we got great service & I watched 3 movies - mostly not memorable. After I coughed a little, and sneezed once or twice I noticed a pile of passengers around me put face masks on - I sure hope they didn't think they would catch my cold! The flight was a JAL one and the service was great, but what really took my fancy (as it is a bit of a soapbox of mine) was that the hostesses put on the cutest aprons when it was time to serve the food. They were in JAL fabric in pastels yellows and greens with a cross over flattering front and the largest decorative bow at the back. I think it is time for a comeback for aprons!

So far, Japan is very warm & sticky (especially for us toowoomba-ites), the people very polite and very efficeint. Tonight we are opting to stay in our hotel room, have baths (deep bath-tubs - yay!), drink our duty free wine and have room service. Don't know much about this place but we will explore more tomorrow.

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  1. Sue - you're right about the apron, it's very cute. I've often thought about carrying a mask on a plane because it's such an enclosed environment and people often get sick after flights. I've always thought it might be embarrassing to don one though but it sounds like the Japanese don't have a problem with it. I wonder if they help with body odours - if so that would have been wonderful on our last trip which left a very hot Dubai and a lot of the passengers had no idea about anti-persperants. :-) I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip.


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