Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Active wear.... Kwik Sew 4181

Sorry I am a very intermittent blogger lately.  We have had a week away on a camping holiday and you know how it is... stuff.

Anyhoo, I have finally got around to showing you my new Kwik Sew top 4181.  

I have made View B, pretty much straight from the pattern.  The only adjustment I made was to grade out to a larger size at the hips.

The fabric I have used is supplex for the royal blue parts and black back and bindings and the contrast V is a funkifabrics purchase called Pompeii Ice.  This was an easy sew.  The part I had the most difficulty with was sewing the applique neatly.  This was more related to the type of fabric than the pattern.  The funkifabrics fabric is called flex and is like a swimsuit fabric so was a little tricky to turn under.  From memory I think I tried basting glue and it didn't really work, but I got there in the end.

Pretty happy with the fit and finish of this pattern.  I didn't bother with the shelf bra but wear it with a racer back sports bra and like how the back covers the bra straps.

Other than that I have been sewing for my etsy shop... a few new bags, including this one from an OOP Alexander Henry fabric....

and some new headbands...

Hope you are all having fun with your sewing... Ciao kittens!


  1. Those look great Sue! With the applique, try using some Wash-a-Way Wonder Tape to keep the edges under. http://www.punchwithjudy.com.au/shop/washaway-wonder-tape.html It's absolutely brilliant. Washes away completely and easy to sew through. I've used it a lot for putting zips in active wear, to hold everything in place.

  2. This looks great. That blue is so vibrant! Where do you get your supplex from? I'll have to get some of that Wash-a-way wonder tape that Melinda mentions...I've never managed to put a zip in active wear successfully.

    1. I bought this supplex from stretchtex.com.au. They are not an online store, but will sell smaller amounts with a cutting fee. zebrafabrics.net.au is also a good resource for supplex.

    2. Stretchtex will send you a sample folder if you phone them and ask.

      Re the wash away wonder tape, just make sure you keep it in a ziplock bag and dry.


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