Sunday, October 9, 2016

More Ottobres Faded Stripes tees 02/2015 #17

Just a quick show and tell post... or should I say another one. :) 

My lifestyle dictates casual clothes most of the time and one of my fave tee patterns has been Ottobre 02/2015-17.  Made twice before for last summer and worn to death... in black here.... and in green here.  I love the simple styling of this top with shoulder details.  

In the past I made them in drapey rayon and love them but thought maybe I should size down a bit.  So for coming into this summer I had a cotton jersey bought at 40% off a few years ago from Lincraft and I decided to size down... Bo...Booow!  Silly mistake.  Of course in a different, more sturdy fabric the fit was quite different.  It is a tad small.  I can feel it in the arms and you can see it across the bust, but not so uncomfortable that I hope to be able get wear out of it this summer.

I have also been religiously patting a beautiful viscose piece I bought from Knitwit in the last year.  A viscose print from Italy.  I so loved this fabric and planned a 3/4 sleeved  New Look 6150  from it.   Then I got the flu which morphed onto Strep throat and I was out of it for ages (one reason I haven't blogged so much lately).  My lovely rescue dog Champ felt a little neglected during this time and expressed it by "loving" my favorite piece of fabric...

I had trouble looking at him for a day or two, but took a deep breath and washed the bit of fabric I had left and spent ages trying to lay it out to cut another Ottobre top from it (sans holes)

So another Ottobre tee was born and I love it.

and the back...

I am so hoping I had found all the holes in the fabric and none will form on wearing, but if I get a couple of wears I will feel happier than throwing this gorgeous piece of fabric out.

At least he has shown a very fine taste in fabrics... Ciao kittens an active wear top up next...


  1. Lovely tops! Puppies do have a way of messing up sewing plans once in a while. Glad that you were able to salvage the piece.

  2. Good rescue! (pun intended). I've had good luck with ottobre tshirts too. Yours looks perfect.

  3. Goodness Champ really did try to kill that piece of fabric.
    Nice save.

  4. Very nice! I have found myself sewing a lot of tees lately. I love that instant gratification!

  5. Good work on salvaging that beautiful fabric - dogs just seem to know what to ruin to have the most impact don't they? And commiserations on the strep throat, I had a case of that a few years ago and I think it was the sickest I've ever felt in my life

  6. Shouldn't be giggling so much but love the save and how you forgave that sweet puppy face and moved on to success.

  7. As a fellow Ottobre pattern fan, that's one of the patterns I haven't made yet, but want to as it looks like the perfect basic tee. Yours looks great and hopefully no holes will show in time. Glad you are feeling better! :)


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