Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ottobre dress 02/2016 15 Pieced linen dress

I had a piece of crinkled linen left over from when I made my Tessuti Eva dress.  It was expensive fabric and so lovely I have been waiting for the right pattern to come along to use it.

Enter Ottobre 02/2016 #15  Pieced linen dress which required crinkled linen and I had the right amount... big win!  I didn't think I would get a dress out of the remnant piece but as this is cut into many pieces it worked really well.

I really like top stitching and used the same thread as I used for sewing the dress but with a triple stitch to look like a top stitch.

The colour is out in this pic.  The next pic is more accurate.
It is hard to see the details in this photo but I love this dress... it also has pockets... pocket love!

Did you spot my necklace?  I have always coveted this necklace and there is a tutorial on the Ottobre blog to make it, but I don't have any of the jewellery making equipment so wasn't inclined to try.  However since entering the world of Etsy selling I discovered there are talented makers out there who will make custom orders for you.  I contacted Anita of Echidna Arts and Cards and she made me a beautiful version in gold leather.

I have worn this dress quite a bit since I made it and love it enough that I am making another version from a linen print.  I have reviewed the pattern here.

... and speaking of Etsy, I have recently started a destash section in my shop and have listed one remnant of supplex.  It is not large enough to make a whole piece of clothing, but if you are after some supplex to use in a colour blocked piece, this could work for you... check it out here

I will be adding to the destash section over time, so there may be something there to appeal to a fellow sewist so keep an eye out.

Ciao kittens... back soon with a cool tunic!


  1. Your dress looks terrific Sue. I should try and make more Ottobre patterns and not just look at them.

  2. Great that you got to use up the last of the beautiful fabric! And another lovely dress. Pretty cute necklace too.

  3. Lovely looking dress and the colour is perfect.

  4. Hi Sue. Thanks for the ottobre review. This issue is the one and only I have so I find reviews very useful as I really want to get my money's worth and make a few patterns. Your dress looks terrific so I think I will add this on the list to make. Actually it's kind of weird because as I go through some old Burdas and pick out patterns to sew , I find you have made them and this clinches my decision to make it too ! I see Toowomba had one of its hottest days ever recently .

    1. That's lovely to hear Janine. We must have very similar tastes. It has been hot this year. Linen dresses have been a blessing this year.


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