Saturday, May 7, 2016

Endless Combinations Contest ... piece 4... New Look 6150 top

Yes it is piece 4, no you haven't missed 2 & 3... I am just sewing the pieces in an order that suits the current warm autumn weather we are having.  My second piece is a boiled wool coat and it is too warm to be handling wool.  In fact my top was intended to be a merino jersey top but I decided a 3/4 sleeve top in rayon would actually got worn more quickly. 

I used New Look 6150 again.  I previously made it here.  Sadly the last top is much loved but the fabric is pilling and deteriorating at a fast rate.  When I made the blue version, I did actually buy some rayon knit for a second version, so decided that now was the time to make it up.

This pattern fits me well with no alteration.  I chose my size based on my bust size +1" ease and chose the size that corresponded with that as marked on the front bodice pattern pieces.   The pleats and gathers are a bit fiddly but the rayon takes pressing well and the fiddle is well worth the effort of the finished top.

I really need to make more of this pattern and will try the boat neck (View D) next time.
I have written a review so all the details of the making of the top is in the review - here.

Ciao kittens ... pants next (piece 3)... holding my breath to see if I can make the deadline of all 4 pieces but still holding onto some hope...


  1. Very pretty! I love a good knit top.

  2. Gorgeous colours in your top and those gathers looks very impressive.


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