Monday, May 16, 2016

Endless combinations contest... piece 3... Hot Patterns pants

Piece 3 in my chain for the Endless Combinations contest is pants. I chose the Hot Patterns Fast &  Fabulous tummy taming trousers.  I love the idea of these pants - smooth silhouette, comfy as pj's... these words drew me in.  I had a gorgeous bengaline in a rich dark brown that I thought would work well in my wardrobe.

Worn here with piece 4 shown in my last post.  I did a lot of work on the fit in the muslin stage.  The pattern suggests you make a muslin in non-stretch fabric and that seemed to work well.

 This composite is to try and show you the high waist detail.  It is high but it does give the promised smooth silhouette.   Still surprisingly comfortable because of the stretch in the fabric.

Do you like my fierce model pose?  I ended up using it in my review as I thought it showed the pieces quite well.

A link to my review if you are interested in the detail of this make. Ciao kittens, piece 2 tomorrow... 


  1. These pants look great - the kind of pants you will wear all the time. Love your fierce model pose, too. :-)

  2. Those are very nice looking pants!


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