Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sweater knit contest ... Paprika Jasper sweater

When we went to Tamworth for our little Pattern Review Sewing Down Under get-together at the start of the year, we visited the local Fabric Store and I bought a few lovely pieces from this gem of a shop.  (you need to visit it if you are passing through Tamworth).  One of the pieces I bought was a lovely sweater knit in a gorgeous teal colour.  Soft and squishy, I am not sure of it's fabric content, but wonder if there is some rayon in it.

Paprika Patterns Jasper in sweater knit
Now that I was looking for what to sew next, Pattern Review has obliged by pointing me in the direction of sweater knit sewing as they are running a sweater knit contest.

back view
Well in this nice series of being pointed toward what to sew next, I had previously muslined the Paprika Patterns Jasper Sweater.  I had planned to make it in a nice sweatshirt knit I had, but I did not have enough to make it so left it for the moment.  

This is how you ensure you don't make a wearable muslin - ugly fabric time!
The Jasper sweater is not intended for a sweater knit but for a sweaty knit (sweatshirt) or a French terry but I read up on how to deal with sweater knit fabric and decided to go for it.
Welt pocket

Happy fabric lining the pocket

Vintage button on the collar epaulet
I have not put my details on sewing it here as it is all contained in my review - here

Ciao kittens - a gym item makeover next...


  1. Fantastic Sue, loved meeting you in Tamworth, loved this local fabric store and really love your Jasper!!! That teal looks gorgeous on you.

  2. This is such a lovely colour, made up in a lovely pattern...you must be very pleased with it.

  3. Fabulous work, Sue. Love that colour on you

  4. Love your Jasper. That fabric is gorgeous and such a great choice for that pattern. This is on my wish list.

  5. love that colour, looks like a very nice sweater knit ;o)

  6. Love the colour on you and your Jasper looks very snuggly. That Tamworth store is a gem and it was a great weekend.


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