Sunday, October 11, 2015

No more sewing bee... onto new challenges.

Well I am happy I got so far through the PR sewing bee, but I didn't get through to round 4.  Felt sorry for a minute until the challenge came out.  Sewing a uniform for the Olympics... way too far into costume territory as far as I am concerned and I am really not interested in spending 10 days sewing an outfit I would never wear again, even with a chance at the big prize (slim chance!)

So I have moved on and my first stop was to sew a palette cleanser, easy knit sew (well two actually) with a high wear-ability factor. 

Another pair of Papaercut Anima pants, this time in the 3/4 length.  These were made in a piece of black cotton/lycra purchased from Crafty Mamas.  Used a shoelace for the tie again and took one inch out of the leg length.  (Plus my regular changes - no faux fly and adjust front crotch).

Plus made another Ottobre top (02/2015-17).   This time in a remnant piece of green rayon (previously made into another Ottobre top with a pretty ruffled sleeve - blogged here.)

I think I am really getting their prescribed binding method.  I am pretty happy with how this looks done with a twin needle (2.5mm).   Still not convinced I need a cover stitch machine.

I have to say I wan't sure if I would be comfortable in the 3/4 length pants, but I just love them - all good - covers the sins but a bit cooler than the full length!

Now that I have that out of my system, I have gone back into contest mode and decided to enter the Sweater Fabric Contest on Pattern Review.  

More details on that one next post kittens... Ciao!


  1. I hear you! and good idea to make yourself some fun things to kick around in. Great little pants.

  2. I echo your comments about the bee. No tears here after reading the challenge for round 4.

  3. well done on getting so far - must have been a nice relaxing sew for these two pieces!

  4. Yes Sue, well done on getting as far as you did with your lovely jacket, dress and blouse. They will all be useful items in your wardrobe and like you wrote, a uniform for the Olympics isn't going to really do it for you. This Ottobre tee is my TNT pattern and I love it for my lifestyle. So naturally I love yours, especially in that lovely green. And you should consider a Coverstitch which I hummed and haaed about for ages. One of my better decisions when purchasing it and now using it frequently. Knit sewing becomes even better with a Coverstitch.

    1. I am trying to convince myself I don't need one! I don't know where I would put it. If I decide to get one I will have to pick your brains for what to look for in a CS machine.

  5. You did really well in the sewing bee, I'm still drooling over your green dress. Nice knit top and the pants look great in 3/4 length.

  6. This is a great outfit and I love the colors!!!

  7. I was really surprised you didn't make it though as I thought your jacket was an outstanding effort - as you say it's a blessing to be spared the olympic costume! I am also considering a coverstitch. I'll be interested to see what you decide.

  8. You had a fantastic run in the Sewing Bee and the last round was a huge challenge.

    Your new outfit looks very smart and love the green top.


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