Thursday, November 20, 2014

Work set - Jalie 2910 & 2681

Another set of clothes - this time for the office.  

Both made from left-overs from other projects too so a real bonus!  The top is Jalie 2910 and this is the first time I have made it.  The skirt is Jalie 2681 another first time pattern for me.

The fabrics I have used for the skirt and trim on the top is a Swiss 4 way stretch bought from Gorgeous fabrics ages ago.  I think this fabric is very similar to what they call a scuba knit now.  Soft and spongy texture but drapes beautifully and behaves well.  Previously I had made the Jalie skort from this fabric.  So now it is pretty much all used up - only a small piece left that I think I will keep for use as a contrast trim.

The fabric for the top is a leftover from making Vogue 1250 in another from Gorgeous fabrics.  This is now all used up.  

The top is made pretty much as per the pattern using my bust size to choose the pattern size.  I will be doing the optional step in the instructions of stitching the band in the ditch to hold the crossover in place.  When I wore it to work it moved too much for my comfort and I ended up pinning it shut.

The skirt is View E but I shortened it when I cut it out.  I used the hem line for size "O" and the skirt is cut to a size V - chosen by my hip measurement.  The top was also made at size V.  I consider myself a bit of a pear shape and often make a size bigger for my bottom half compared to my top half.  Interesting?

The only other thing of note is that Jalie gives you a few options for hemming, including leaving the hem raw, which is what I did - makes this a very quick sew and I think it looks fine.

So fine in fact that I did the same with my second skirt.  Same pattern view but this time in a left-over piece of jersey.  I used this previously in a wrap dress - Vogue 8646, my Kate Middleton engagement dress.  Lovely fabric and now all used up... 

BTW the top is an Ottobre one.

Very happy with my stash busting efforts and the speed of getting a few basic pieces to wear at the office.  Ciao - more Jalie next up!


  1. Such a cute outfit! And great to use leftover fabrics too,

  2. Great set for work and lovely for summer. It's good to be able to use up those leftover bits.

  3. Great outfit and perfect stash busting.


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