Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Waste not, want not - new pj's

I had a lovely piece of soft pink merino leftover from my top in the last post and I really wanted to sew it up while I had the machines threaded in pink.  (I know I am not the only one who hates changing thread colours if it can be avoided!)

So I settled on making a camisole which I paired with pj pants made from a pretty piece of quilting cotton that has been sitting in my stash for far too long.  I did not have quite enough of the cotton to make a full pair of pj pants, so I took some of the height off the waistband and added a yoga style waistband in the last skerrick of pink merino.

The legs are of course both the same length but trying to dress Diana in pants is a challenge!

The camisole pattern I used is Jalie 2564 (which I think is discontinued now).  As a change though I made the shelf bra and added the adjustable sliders to the straps.  

For some reason I had a set of white sliders and purple rings in the stash, so I thought that would do for this project.

The pants pattern is a TNT - Burdastyle 11-2009-131.  I loved the waistband I added.  I took the depth of the waistband off the top of the pants.  I got the details for the size to use from a tutorial - here.  

It did work well and is very comfy but the merino jersey is too soft for this really and stretches out a bit on wearing.  To overcome this I sewed a bit of elastic to the waistband so that it sits inside the fold at the top.  I didn't cut this elastic very tight, I just need it to help hold up the pants for me after wearing them for awhile, while still being comfy to sleep in.

For the hem I played with my decorative stitches as usual and it was a good chance to use up the pink thread (not a colour I use a lot in my sewing).

Sleep tight folks... I know I will in my new pink, pretty pj's!... Ciao!


  1. What a gorgeous combination of fabrics...I'm quite jealous of your new pjs and your frugal ways. :)

  2. They look like great PJs - it always feels do good to use up every last scrap of fabric.

  3. Oh, how lovely!

  4. Lovely looking PJ's and a great way to use up all the fabric.

  5. Oh my, these pj's look so cozy and cute! I'll bet they are marvelous to sleep in.


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