Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lekala 4042.. # 2 and 3

I outlined in my last post the sad tale of my first Lekala muslin, since then the success rate has been much higher.  I have finished muslin #2 and made the first real top (in more expensive merino wool jersey) .  Not many more words, pics now of successful tops (I think)...

Musk pink merino ... styled to go out shopping...


The top without the extras...

more pics.... IRL the bra does not show this way.... it seems to be the flash making it show...

Now the second muslin - in a gorgeous rayon.... I have to wear it with a merino under-layer to survive the cold so excuse the wrinkles & bumps... (well the muffin top probably can't be explained away...)

I love this pattern and have a third one lined up in a fab electric blue merino (for those not in Australia or NZ, merino is a wool jersey which is gorgeous and soft and if you have access to it, buy it!)

Next post is a waste not, want not... Ciao kittens!


  1. Oooo, this is lush! So very pretty, beautifully done.

  2. Oh they are lovely Sue. It looks like a great pattern.

  3. See? I told you that pink fabric would look fabulous on you and I was right! You've done a great job pairing it with this pattern. It looks like a roaring success!

  4. Lovely tops and great colours.

  5. That's a lovely crossover detail on your tops.


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