Sunday, June 30, 2013

Knitting, knitting...

I have been knitting when I am not sewing and have finished a few different projects.  This is the one I am most proud of, as it is probably 30+ years since I have made a project of this magnitude... knitting wise.

The Miriam cardigan made in Classic 5 ply from Bendigo Mills.  Photos are below, but if you want more detail please visit Ravelry - here.

The other recently finished knitting project is a scarf as a gift for my DMIL who is not very well at the moment.

Pics here but more detail, here for any knitters needing to know more.

before blocking...

and after...

Keep on crafting... another Lekala top to come... Ciao! 


  1. Your cardigan looks lovely and warm and the scarf for you MIL is so delicate.

  2. Very nice cardigan, perfect fit. Your even knitting is very impressive, very hard to achieve. Unless I misundersstood, it is knitted in one piece up to the armhole, front band picked up - minimal seams to sew up - gotta love that.
    Lovely scarf, a nice happy colour. I hope it hlps to cheer up DMIL and helps in her recovery.


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