Monday, April 1, 2013

Sewing for others... Burda Young 7811 Men's shirt

I hope everyone has had a happy and relaxed Easter break.  Mine has been quiet and filled with quite a bit of sewing and knitting.  One finished object this week-end was a shirt for my oldest son (which was promised for his birthday in February).  

I used this pattern which I picked up in a sale bin, as it would be OOP...

I love the lime and check, but did not feel my son would wear it!  I was going for a retro-feel smart shirt and made it up in a block cotton broadcloth with Kona Dimensions cotton as an accent. Both were purchased from for this project.

The finished shirt...

It is, of course, difficult to photograph the black shirt and show the details so here is a close-up of the collar...

and a close-up of the side panels (excuse all the fluff on the sleeves, black cotton and my sewing room don't play well) ...

If I were to make this shirt again I might make it a little longer for my tall son.  

I made no alterations to the pattern except I didn't line the sleeves with the contrast fabric as I figured he wouldn't be rolling them as per the pattern cover.  I also left off the pocket and used buttons instead of snaps.  He must have liked it as he wore it home.  I got it finished with half an hour  to spare before he boarded the bus.   Nothing like a deadline to motivate a finished item...


  1. You have done a great job on the shirt. Love the contrasting fabric details. Your son should love this shirt.

  2. Great shirt! I love the way you've combined the two fabrics. I've really got to start thinking of cool details like that. I'm intrigued by the fact that you ordered the fabric from I've never ordered from them before. What's the shipping like?

    1. Kelley the fabric cost the same as the postage! But for good quality cottons it was still cheaper than buying locally... sad that!

  3. This looks great! The subtle contrasting fabric is a great feature. This pattern looks like a winner to me.

  4. Wonderful shirt for your son and love the contrasting fabric.

  5. Wow. That's a cool looking shirt. The darker the better for some isn't it.

  6. Great shirt, Sue. I love the contrast fabric - very boutique looking shirt.

  7. I love the subtle contrasts. Very smart.

  8. If a boy is willing to wear a project you've made it is a huge success! Nice job on the crisp collar and details.


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