Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Resort wear ... photos of the blue linen shirt.

Photos of the blue linen shirt 06-2011-104 - previously blogged about here.  

I had the photos taken when I was getting photos of my pants.  I hadn't really thought it through, so I haven't got the best bra on for this top, so please excuse the bra shadow you can see. :)

In this back view I had a top underneath so no bra shadow...phew!  

Oh! and a tip, when you button this top, don't button the decorative upper buttons as you look like a doofas with bad pull lines ...

Review is here for those interested.

Ciao!  Next post a pair of shorts..


  1. Linen, you just have to love it with wrinkles or not, loveliest summer fabric and your shirt is great, perfect match of fabric, color and pattern.

  2. Now THAT is a shirt to smile about. Perfect colour for you and the style is gorgeous. It looks great with your new pants, too. Excellent!

  3. Great top - perfect length for that shirt. I love the look of it. Must try linen - I am a little scared of it as I don't like to iron!!

  4. What a pretty shade of blue and it looks lovely on you. Now I'm heading home to the subtropics I need to make more tops like this. It would be perfect over a bikini getting to and from the beach, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I thought you had your swimmers on :) Love this top and it will be perfect for your holiday and goes so well with with your pants.

  6. Lovely shirt love the neckline. The colour looks really nice on you too.

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  8. This is a fabulous colour on you! I love the shirt but the choice of fabric is really, really great. Tell me that you are fabulously rich and have all the time in the world to sew and that is why you always post so many amazing projects! I'll feel less guilty for not using my down-time to sew more - wait, what down time?


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