Saturday, December 27, 2008

What did Santa bring me?

In response to this post at Gorgeous Things Blog, I received for Christmas -
  • A voucher for a body treatment (yay!)
  • some beautiful bath fizzies and chocolate
  • and some money my parents gave me - I intend to invest in a ironing board! ... lol... you have to be a sewist to think that is a good gift! My ironing board is tiny and I want a nice large one and couldn't justify spending the money but now it has been gifted to me I will!

Everyone else in the family received new computers so I have the hand-me-down lap-top and I was going to scan the book cover in but couldn't get it to work so there is the first issue I have found.

Anyway I am very happy and love that my family know what I like... maybe it was all those hints I dropped... clang!


  1. I love bath fizzies! Alas, every time I buy some for myself, my kids end up using them before I can. And I hear you on the ironing board. I need a new one too!

  2. Merry Christmas Sue. It sounds like you got some very nice pressies. I'm back in Sydney from Melbourne and my moggie is very happy to see me - keeps coming in to check I'm still here. I understand the ironing board too.

  3. The ironing board is an excellent use of gift money! I'll have to live vicariously...


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