Thursday, December 11, 2008


OK I was in Brisvegas again today to catch up with a girlfriend - which was really great BTW but I also had the chance to shop. I bought more Lorna Jane clothes for the gym (I bought a pile last month but loved the quality of it so much I had to go back for more...) I do go to gym 5 to 6 times per week and really like to wear clothes that cope with sweat - I sweat a lot! ( OK entering the realm of too much information...) so that was the first purchase(s).

Then I found shoes - half price and they fit! They are marked as size 6 1/2 W so they must be for wide for feet like mine and they were so comfy I couldn't walk away... and every girls needs some leopard print shoes don't they?

The other pair are a brown mesh with a bow and look really cute on .... and did I mention, they fit really well!

Then I bought some flavoured tea for my sewing gal-pal days ... then on my way out of the centre I came across a Peter Alexander shop and bought this nightie that I have been really needing.... I really do need a pretty nightie.... don't I?

Then I stopped at dfo on the way (a discount shopping outlet) and bought a Guess handbag to go with shoes I bought last shopping trip to Brisvegas... the ones I am wearing in the last post in my photo shoot... Oh! & I bought one Xmas present....

On the way home I had to drive into a storm at the bottom of the range and that was quite miserable but I was rewarded by a full rainbow at the front door later. Here is my not very good photo of it - you need a wide angle lens to get a whopper like this one in a photo!


  1. I am always needing gym clothes--I keep thinking I'll make some so I don't buy any, but I haven't made anything yet...

  2. Fab shoes and such a beautiful rainbow, too.

  3. Love reading your blog...

    I just want to let you know there is a alternative to LJ. I purchased some gym wear from Gym Funky and was blown away by the quality. This stuff actually keeps me more dryer than my old LJ clothes. I bought some tops from them about 6 months ago, and they haven't lost their shape or faded yet!

    Tell them Chris sent you (I'm one of their biggest customers!)

    happy sewing!


  4. AWESOME SHOES!! Every girl needs some leopard, grrrrowl!


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