Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Competition entries finished!

Above are my six finished items for Pattern Reviews Endless Combinations competition. (...lol - I just noticed that item 1 in the piccie is a photo from the back... too late I am not going to fix it now...)
The last item finished are the Vogue pants 1059. The review is here if you wish to read it. I loved making these pants and am quite pleased with how they turned out. The only two issues were
  • the length - I made them to short so the hem is just barely there and they will need to be worn with flat shoes *sigh*
  • and the fly didn't come out perfectly - the zipper pull does not tuck away as nicely as it should.

I did narrow the width in the bottom of these pants and wonder if I should narrow them some more? Anyway I will make these again as I am very happy with the fit, particularly around the butt! I also entered these pants in the New Techniques contest as I made faux welt pockets in the back - see this review for piccies and details.

Here is the composite I put together of all the items shown worn together...

Review here for endless combinations.


  1. Nice job! Congratulations on finishing all your entries.

  2. That's a fantastic wardrobe! Everything looks great together.

  3. That is a fabulous wardrobe. You did a great job.

  4. Very well done! It's a beautiful and versatile wardrobe!


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