Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Silk dress update

I have been working on a silk dress to (hopefully) wear to the races this week-end. I have a beautiful Silk Georgette and I am making Mccalls 5039. As it is such a light fabric I am making a silk slip from NL 6244. I have finished the slip up to the stage of hemming and permanently attaching the straps. It sewed together quite well. I am stretching myself as I am using seam finishing techniques such as french seams, etc. The dress body is together (including an invisible zip) but I have to put in the sleeves and finish the neckline ruffle. The instructions for the neckline ruffle make no sense at all, which was confirmed by Caity yesterday when she came around to help me interpret them. Hopefully we have worked that issue out now.

Caity also helped me look at some items in my wardrobe and suggested re-vamping a RTW skirt I have worn a bit but isn't working for me anymore - sometimes you need someone else's eyes to see these things! Thanks Caity!

Yesterday was a calm day off but life has been busy lately - more hours of work than I need, preparing for the Toowoomba Quilters Open Day (lucky they are a good bunch and very helpful) and then on top of all that I have been going to gym more than usual as I am feeling very inspired to improve my fitness some more and to hopefully, lose the one major roll still left hanging around my middle!

On a really exciting note, I received a call from Qld Quilters on the week-end, to say that the raffle quilt I entered in to the Collaborative Section of the Qld Quilt Show has won a prize! I will be attending a presentation ceremony next Wednesday to find out what prize exactly!

However it brings up the ever present quandary - what will I wear?


  1. I love the color of that slip! Gorgeous! You should wear it by itself. `-)

  2. Hope your dress worked for the races!

  3. I agree with Slapdash Sewist, your slip is pretty.

    Congrats! on your raffle quilt.


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