Friday, July 8, 2016

Burdastyle 11/2012-128 Sweater

My latest make is a sweater from Burdastyle magazine 11/2012-128.

I used a beautiful textured silk cotton knit from Italy, which I bought from Knitwit.

My full review is here.  I made my "regular" size but found it ran a little big, even for a slouchy loose top. I am a bit disappointed at how wide and low the neckline turned out. I probably should have spent a bit more time perfecting the fit before I made it. 

Saying that, I like the style of the neckline and the hem bands. A casual pullover with a bit more style.

I sewed the bias in the neckline a little differently to the instructions. I used a purchased satin bias binding. My order of construction was:

  • sew both shoulder seams
  • sew binding to RS of neckline leaving a little free at the start and end
  • match the free ends to the length required for the rest of the neckband and sew them together using a bias seam
  • press that seam open, then finish sewing the bias to the neckline.
  •  turn binding to the inside and hand stitch the other edge of the binding.

Well saying all that, I still like wearing it and it has been in high rotation since it was made.  I like it for work with a knit pencil skirt and I look forward to wearing it with jeans on the week-end.

And I do have a cowl that fills that open neckline when I have to brave the cold.

I did make a second one.  This one is from a sweaty knit (tracksuit fabric) and I made it a size smaller and totally rejigged the neckline to be narrower and higher.
I made my own binding for this one from some quilting cotton.  I love the little touches.

This is the photo on me when we went away for a very cold week-end at Stanthorpe hoping to see a great frost or perhaps snow... 

No snow but I was warm in my new trackys.  The pants are another pair of Papercut Anima pants in sweatshirt fabric that I made for the week-end too.  I really need to get some cuter sneakers to go with this type of outfit though! 

Ciao kittens...


  1. These both look lovely on you Sue and the KnitWit fabric is gorgeous. I saw a sample of it recently at the Sydney Craft Fair, very tempting! A casual top with style :)

    1. I am so tempted to buy some more. Lovely fabric.

  2. These look really nice and cozy.

  3. I have been looking for an easy pattern to use with some some sweater like knits. Your sweaters look so good, they are inspiring me to try this pattern.

    1. It's a nice pattern - just check the sizing and the neckline. :)

  4. Both tops look terrific, and snuggly!

  5. I love both tops. I agree that's a wide and deep neckline but looks great with your scarf. I've got some sweater knits I want to try and I'll see if I can get that issue from the library..although I think they cull them...I like the purple on you a lot.

    1. Thanks! You can get the pattern as a download too.

  6. Two great tops and love the cowl you have to fill in the neckline.

  7. Oh that silk cotton knit looks lovely. Great tops.


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