Monday, December 28, 2015

Gift sewing

I spent most of December making some gifts for Christmas.  I can show them here now that the gifts have been handed out.  I joined the Australian Sewing Guild's sew along and enjoyed making these bags as part of that crew. 

The pattern used is the Tiny Essentials Tote Bag from Little Moo Designs.  This is the most complex bag I have ever sewn.  The instructions cover many pages and we did get extra daily tutorials through the sew along.  I still found there was a few mistakes in the pattern and I believe there is probably better ways of doing some of the steps in making this bag.  However saying all that I think the outcome was successful.

I made one bag for my husband who requested the lining be orange.  I made the bag for carrying all the cords and chargers around when going on holidays.

I made three pockets on one side and two on the other and tried to make them roomy enough to hold the cords.  the netting pockets are edged with fold over elastic.

I also made one for my cousin in feminine fabrics that I hope she likes.

To go with the bags I decided to make some earbud pouches.  I used this tutorial from Dogs Under My Desk patterns.

The instructions are really good and the only difficulty I had was sewing a neat circle. I had to unpick the pink one a few times until I was happy with it.

Since then I have bought some more Dog Under My Desk patterns and plan to make some more bags next year.  It is a bit addictive.

I think the gifts were well received.  Ciao for now kittens!


  1. What lovely and beautifully made gifts

  2. Both your bags looks fantastic and those ear bud circles are a great present. I gave them out a few years ago and was told this Christmas that they are still in daily use.

  3. Your bags are great. I'm so glad you've been sucked into the DUMD void. Bag Yoda is happy.

  4. I have also recently sewed a few bags and found it really fun to pick out pretty fabrics and sew the neat little seams. Very nice bags!

  5. Beautiful bags and such generous gifts.

  6. Great bags, so useful. I love those circle pouches too. I got split rings from my local mr minit and the kids attach them into their school bag - useful for when they need a gold coin donation for free dress day etc!

  7. such lovely little bag sets; and beautifully made. Your recipients were lucky!

  8. Excellent job on the unique bags. I'm sure both will be used a lot! Happy New Year!


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