Friday, December 4, 2015

Another Ottobre 02/2013-14 summer frock

I have finished my "proper" version of this dress.  I made my trial version and details are in my previous post here.   

There was some changes I decided I needed and they were to:
  • narrow the shoulder width a little 
  • adjust the back for swayback.  
and I am pleased that my changes worked.  Particularly the sway back as I haven't done it too often.  The waistline seam made it easy to do.  I just took about 1.5cm height at the centre back seam along the waist seam of both the back bodice and skirt pieces tapering to nothing before the side seam.  The green arrows point to my alteration.

No fabric pooling in the back

Once again I used a facing and not a lining.  The facing is a combined neckline/armhole one and looks like this cut out. 

Click to see larger
 I was able to follow the instructions pretty much for inserting the lining to sew in the facing.  The only additional steps were to finish the lower edge of the facing (with the overlocker) and tack the bottom of the facing to the side seams (just to help hold it in place).

I wanted to show you my finished invisible zipper.  I was very proud of how the waistline seam matches up after inserting the zip.

I was thinking of making this version an inch or so above my knee but after consultation with my DH, I left the hem at knee height.

Here is a shot of the neckline without a necklace so you can see the shape of it.  A bit different to what you see about.  I quite like it but do cover it with a necklace as I don't believe the black/white is my most flattering colour.  

The fabric is a rayon twill I bought from Tessuti fabrics ages ago.  I think I had planned to make the suzy pants originally.  I obviously changed my mind and now I have a lovely cool summer frock (and a remnant to make another small item).

Ciao kittens - next gift making season is in full swing!


  1. This looks beautiful! Your changes and invisible zipper are to perfection!

  2. Love this! You did a fantastic job matching seams with the zip. :)

  3. Lovely Sue. Thanks for your instructions for the sway back adjustment. I have a slight sway back and I never really knew what to do. Enjoy wearing your lovely cool dress.

  4. Lovely dress and your fitting adjustments have worked out beautifully.

  5. I love your new frock, Sue. Can't see the zipper so you've done a good job there. It really is invisible

  6. Very pretty frock and the alterations you made are perfect.


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