Monday, July 27, 2015

Sewing for the warm... Tessuti Suzy pant again

Even though the weather is still cold here, I am going on holiday soon and as we are going North I will need some nice casual clothes suitable for warmer weather.... yay!

So I have been looking around the webs and have been loving seeing casual drapey pants and decided it was time to pull out the Tessuti Suzy pant pattern again.  Last time I made these in a size small and in silk (posted here).  I tried these on as I know my shape has changed a bit since early last year.  Crossfit has ensured my butt is a little more rounded than it used to be!  

The pants fit but the side seam told the story - it pulls to the back at my butt and pulls forward at my thigh and back again toward my calf... so I figured I would try on my original muslin (not blogged) I made in a medium.  Well they fit much better now and fit nicely over the new, improved butt.  So I traced the medium off and made the same one alteration as last time (shortened the leg length by about 1/2") and amazingly found some gorgeous rayon at Spotties on sale.  So a new Tessuti suzy pant was born made....  

 So much so that I went back to Spotties and bought more fabric for a second pair. 

The top is New Look 6150 made in a beautiful knit rayon from The Fabric Store.  I choose my size by looking at the finished bust measurement and using the one that gave me one inch of ease. It is a bit of a fiddly make with the pleats and gathers in a rayon knit, but so worth it!   I had been looking for a top similar to a RTW one I used to own - pictured in this blog post.  I think I have found it and plan to make more of these flattering tops. 

My new fave outfit.... Ciao kittens... more warm weather makes soon...


  1. These look lovely Sue, the style really suits you and the Spotties fabric was a find!!

  2. You've picked a great print Sue. Enjoy your break from the cold.

  3. These pants look great on you. And such fun fabric!

  4. They do look great Sue. I love the print and rayon. I saw and touched the rayon on sale at Spotlight but didn't buy any....

  5. Very nice! I like the idea of a new improved butt, however I'm not up to doing the work required, lol!

  6. These look great on you. The print is great and these are going to be lovely in warm climate :)

  7. I love both clothing patterns and can’t wait to try out something like this. looks fun


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