Thursday, July 2, 2015

60's pinny and turtleneck... Burdastyle 09/2012-104 & 105

After sewing a ball dress it was with great pleasure that I returned to sewing regular, everyday, wear-a-lot clothes.  Especially as my winter wardrobe is still a bit lacking. 

Burdastyle magazine had an outfit from the 09/2012 issue that I have always loved.  Love the 60's vibe, the simple styling, the ease of wear and the comfort factor. 

I made the turtleneck top 09-2012-104B.  It is the longer version (down to the hips/bottom) and works so well to keep me warm and snug.  It also sits well under the pinafore.  The fabric is a beautiful merino with a fine stripe from The Fabric Store in Brisbane.

I did actually muslin this (not something I would normally do with a knit top) but the merino was so lovely I didn't want to forsake it for a muslin.  I ended up using the armhole/shoulder width of one size smaller to the rest of the top.  I like this turtleneck style. This one is high enough to keep you warm without choking you.  I have tried a few over the years.

Kwiksew 3740 a great pattern made many times but a too open neckline for a really cold day.

but not as tight a neckline as Burdastyle 09-2011 -121 ...

or  Ottobre 5-2008-121...

Thinking I may have found my ideal turtleneck pattern. 

The pinny (09-2012-105) I made from a ponte which was lovely and soft bought from The Sewing Place when they had an offer for cheap shipping.

I didn't muslin this but probably should have.  I don't think the darts are quite right, but I love it enough that it has already become a favorite in my wardrobe.  For the days I don't want to wear the merino turtleneck I have a RTW purple rayon turtleneck that goes with it really well and is not quite so warm. 

The pockets look a little whoopy in this photo but really don't sit that badly in reality.  Very happy with my start to sewing winter wear.

Ciao kittens... active winter wear next....


  1. Love your 60s pinafore. I had one in purple when I was a teenager.

  2. Love the outfit! I like turtlenecks too & it can be hard to find one that doesn't chock.

  3. You chose a versatile color for your pinafore. It will look wonderful with so many other colors. Definitely a great start to your winter wardrobe. Happy you found a turtleneck pattern that works for you.

  4. I've never seen this pinny made up - so glad I have! I think I need it in my work wardrobe.

  5. You need this for the cold snap we are having. Love the open necked version even though it is colder.


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