Saturday, March 7, 2015

Burdastyle 06/2013 #119 Floral cotton blouse

I recently made 06/2013 #118 (Japanese lawn blouse) and really liked the pattern, but felt I needed to improve some areas of my sewing.  The standing collar was not perfect and had a bit too much bulk in it and I wasn't happy with how I set the sleeves in.

So at my last trip to Brisbane I picked up a lovely floral cotton (from the Fabric Collection) and decided to make it again.  However this time I used the sister pattern #119.   The differences are the collar with stand (quite a different shape to the stand in #118) and plain hemmed sleeves.  That made sense to me as I like the casual look of the sleeves rolled up  (which is how they show it styled).

Well this time I paid a lot more attention to the sewing (or maybe practice makes perfect) and I am super happy with the finish on this blouse.  Check out how this collar sits...

It was a bit different shape to other collars I have made but wow! so happy with how it sits! Can I say it again?  Look at the collar from the back...

Once again I did add a strip of fusible interfacing on the facing where the buttons and buttonholes go.  I also added the top button this time and made sure I sewed the top button so the inside stitching (which shows) is a tidy cross.  I raised a discussion about that top button on Pattern Review.  Sometimes I leave it off as I would not be doing it up and wondered if it made it look home-eccy-miss-becky.  Got a good response and now I feel confident to leave it off if I choose to.

Ok the compulsory modeled shots...


and maybe another way to wear it layered...

Pretty happy with the sewing this time...

Oh and out of interest I googled floral tops and look what came up - this "chiffon blouse". The fabric is a dead ringer for this cotton.  (If you want to compare look at the top photos on Diana as my DH had some arty lens on the modeled shots so the fabric is not so clear).

Ciao kittens... back soon with another frock...


  1. Oh your shirt is beautiful. Did I mention how well that collar sits! ;) Lovely fabric.

  2. Very nice! I traced this one off the other weekend do I'm glad to see yours has come out so well ;o)

  3. Very nice work! Pretty fabric too.

  4. Lovely fresh blouse and that collar looks amazing.

  5. Beautiful Sue. I love how well the collar sits!! BTW, have you got the Granville (Sewaholic) shirt pattern? The instructions for attaching the collar are very good and I think my Granville collars are the best I have ever done.

    1. I have considered getting the Granville shirt quite a few times, but am trying very hard to use the patterns I have as much as possible and I do have a lot of shirt patterns in the Burdas and Ottobres! I don't even think it it the attachment so much as the drafting of the shape of this collar that makes it sit so nicely. Perhaps I need to try the Granville to compare. :)

  6. Beautiful! It looks so.... crisp!

  7. So pretty! and so many ways to pair it up with cami's and tanks :-)

  8. It looks very nice! I love the print.

  9. I love making things again and enjoying the improvements to my skill! It looks really great and you are totally right, that collar is sharp! Nice work.

  10. Gorgeous. I'm looking for great blouse patterns and I will definitely use this one. I love the rolled up sleeves and I love it layered over another colour. I would probably have ignored this pattern if it wasn't for your lovely version!

  11. Very nice work, I always find shirt collars a bit tricky. How fun that you found the RTW doppelgänger too!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Great job n the craftsmanship.

  13. Such a pretty blouse. Just beautiful.


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