Saturday, August 16, 2014

Teal Jalie drop pocket cardigan 3248

I bought the most beautiful merino heavy weight teal merino specifically for this pattern from the Fabric Store in Brisbane,  Expensive but sooo worth it!  The pattern is Jalie 3248 the drop pocket cardigan.

I think the only alteration I made was to shorten the sleeve length which I do with just about every long sleeved pattern.  

What can you slay about a Jalie pattern... so great - fit is great, instructions are great and the finished product is ...well... great!

My only negatives with this pattern is that it is a fabric hog because of the doubled up fonts. Expensive merino... ouch!  The only other negative is that the cardigan does not meet at the front.  It is the design and is clear on the cover picture, but I didn't think that through.  However the style of it is perfect, just not for the coldest days!

This teal colour is so, so versatile on my wardrobe and goes with my two winter basics of black and brown so I have worn it heaps!  I think I wore it 3 times in the first week after I made it.

I also love it with my willow cowl.

I had a strip of teal merino left over and I wasn't going to waste it so I paired it with some leftover mustard merino (form this cardigan) and made a cowl (you know I love a good cowl!)

Ciao kittens...


  1. Gorgeous colour and it looks lovely. Pity that it doesn't meet in the front but then with your cowls you are pretty set for most cold days.

  2. This is lovely - great colour! If you actually live in Brisvegas I can't believe you need merino! I love the cowl from scraps too - how great are those colours together :)

    1. I live in Toowoomba, a few hours inland and on top of the range so colder than Brisbane! It hasn't got much over 12C today. So cowls and merino work great for me!

  3. Beautiful cardi and very creative to use the lat bits in your fun new cowl!

  4. Gorgeous, Sue! I especially love that final cowl. What a great idea to marry the two fabrics.

  5. Great cardigan and very versatile colour which looks good on you too. Love the cowls you have made.

  6. I really like that pocket detail, never noticed it on a pattern before.


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