Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More basics - Colette Mabel skirt and knitted accessory love.

As part of making some basics for my winter wardrobe I figured a few basic skirts would be in order.  The Colette Mabel  is the one I chose and it is great for this kind of basic sewing - quick, doesn't use much fabric and gives a great wardrobe staple.

I made version 3 - above the knee with a kick pleat and some nice seam detail.  I used a left-over piece of black double knit. 

 It was close to perfect.  I wore it as made and decided that I really needed to make a size down from the size I made in black.  I also think (regardless of size made) a bit of elastic in the waistband is a good idea.  You may need wider hips to make this baby feel secure.  I think if you had young children who love to tug on your skirt you may end up with it around your ankles.

So I did add elastic to the waistband.  I did it in the manner described in the Kwik sew yoga pants - sewn to the inside of the seam then stitched with a zigag to the inside band.  It is not tight but adds a bit of security.  I also ended up lining this skirt in a tricot as I had real problems with the skirt riding up/bunching when walking with the tights I wore.  The skirt is nice lined but I decided the black tights I were using had a rough texture that made it worse.   I did try all sorts of ways to take out any static but I do believe it was those tights (which have since been binned).

My other make which has added to my wardrobe was a knitted cowl.  Details are on my ravelry page for those interested in more info on it.  

I love this cowl - the style and the yarn.  This colour graduation goes so well with a lot of my wardrobe (the black/clear colours part of my clothes).  I recently bought a dark blue jacket that it also coordinates well with.  So a big win for me. 

Ciao kittens - another Colette Mabel to come (and a few other pieces.)...

BTW - the jacket is my Stylearc Harper jacket - blogged here.


  1. That looks like a great staple skirt - the outfit looks great on you.

  2. The cowl is lovely. It really lifts the plain outfit. Your skirt looks really comfortable and stylish

  3. I really love the Harper.. gee it looks good on. I love your cowl too and the colours really go nicely with the Harper too.

  4. Great pieces! The cowl is so pretty!

  5. I've made the Mabel too, and agree that a bit of elastic wouldn't go astray!

  6. I did wonder about the Mable and yours looks great and your cowl is just perfect.

  7. Love the entire outfit. :-) I've seen a lot of Mabel skirts around, every time I see it I weaken just a little bit more... I may well end up buying it very shortly. LOVE the cowl, the colours are amazing. And matching so much of your wardrobe - you couldn't ask for more!

  8. Your outfit looks really nice, Sue. Love the cowl, very pretty colours


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