Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yarn fun... Francis Revisted, Dory and more...

I have rediscovered my love of yarn craft.  I have always loved crochet and did knit a little (badly) when younger.  Now with the advent of youtube and Craftsy I am improving my knitting and doing more crochet as well.

These are some items I have been making over the last few months.  My biggest project so far ... my purple sweater.  This was started in July of this year and finished in September... just in time for the warm weather!  I have been waiting for the day the stars aligned correctly that I had a photographer and a cool enough day to pose in it.

Details of the jumper are on my Ravelry page - here.

My other two projects were chosen for simplicity so I could work on them while travelling.  First up is the Dory Scarf which is crocheted in cotton.

Ravelry page - here.

And last but not least, my teapot cosy... details here.

Anyone else getting into yarn?


  1. Love the sweater! And I Need a tea cozy. It looks as if it might be knit in "ribs" and then gathered at the top. I live in the US and tea cozies aren't so numerous here. They're apt to be the decorative sort that don't actually keep the tea warm. I hope those horrible fires aren't close to you. I'm trying very hard to remember where Toowomba is. From what we see on TV, the fires are mostly west of Sydney Such a shame to lose so much vegetation in the Blue Mts. We lived in Melbourne for a year sometime ago. LOVED it. Traveled as extensively as time and money allowed. I have a very soft spot in my heart for Aussies and their beautiful sunburnt land.

    1. Toowomba is west of Brisbane in Queensland, so safe from the latest round of bushfres. The tea cosy is knit in a stich called mistake rib and then the stiches were decreased toward the top. I made mine a little taller to accomodate my tall teapot. You will need to come and visit again sometime. :)

  2. Ooops -- I see I left out an "o" in Toowoomba.

  3. Wow Sue, these are all fabulous, especially the cowl neck jumper! Its gorgeous and a lovely fit.

  4. Sue, lovely work! Especially the jumper - I love purple!!

  5. Well done on the knitting. I have taken it up again after many years. My winter project is still unfinished. I really must stitch it up!

  6. Beautiful pieces. The purple is such a deep, gorgeous shade. I am trying, albeit not as successfully as you, to resurrect my knitting skill.

  7. Love the jumper and that scarf looks gorgeous. I also enjoy working with yarn, knitting and have quite a few projects lined up!

  8. That jumper is magnificent! I'm so impressed.

    I have managed to cast off that cabled blanket I've been working on, just yesterday. I've got a few ends to weave in and then I'll be able to hand it over to the intended recipient. Yay!

  9. Not getting into yarn myself but love your creations. Great colours too.


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