Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mini Wardrobe - Piece 2 - Ottobre Pearl Cardigan

The second piece for my mini-wardrobe is the Ottobre Pearl Cardigan 02-2012-9.

For those of you with good memories and sharp eyes , this is made in the same fabric as my Tessuti Fave top.  So it is a fine pin-stripe jersey. 

 I have not seen this pattern reviewed yet and am a little surprised as cardigans are a popular make.

The neckline is quite wide... wider than I expected and to begin with I wasn't sure I liked it but after wearing it for a day I do.  It is a summer cardigan and worked well in the office air conditioning.  The wide neckline on the back piece is stabilised/finished with grosgrain ribbon and this was probably the most difficult part to sew.  I hand basted it first to achieve a tidy finish.

You can see how wide it is from the back.

This is a real quick make and the most painful  part was the tracing.

I really like this cardigan and can see me using it a lot this summer.  Review is here.

I have been distracted from my sewing plan to make a second buttondown blouse and hope to show some photos soon.

We have also been on a family camping trip recently and for my OS readers I leave you with a picture my DH took of one of the many kangaroos that we saw there.

Ciao kittens!  


  1. Looks like a great summer cardi. Very nice finish with the ribbon. This past weekend we took some visiting overseas colleagues to our local reserve to see some kangaroos "in the wild" as opposed to in a zoo. They saw lots of roos, but unfortunately didn't see any joeys. Your kangaroo was very kind to pose for such a lovely pic.

  2. Nice top, and nice colour combination. Tracing patterns I remember that one. When next in town I will take a look at the Burda Magazine, I may step back into the dreaded tracing. My eyes were younger before when I used them and I still got confused.

  3. Love this Sue - what a great summer cardi! I have eyed this pattern a number of times, but greatly dislike tracing. Seeing yours might be the impetus I need to get some of these made for summer!

  4. Lovely cardi, Sue. I like the fact that the drape isn't too drapey. Some of those dangly bits can be a real nuisance sometimes. Yours is perfect.

  5. Nice cardigan, perfect for those pesky over air conditioned offices! The made up garment looks so much better than the line drawing though

  6. That's a cute cardigan. I like your color combo too.

  7. lovely cardi, l should make something similar for fall

  8. Interesting cardigan and it sounds perfect for those cool summer evenings and offices!


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