Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jalie 2446 ... Swimsuit

I decided my March challenge would be to enter the swimsuit contest.  I have made a swimsuit but am not at all happy with it, particularly the top.

I chose Jalie 2446 and decided to try and use the swimwear fabric I had on hand.  So black and purple it is.  I had wanted to make the suit mainly black with purple piping, but didn't have enough black to cut the top as well as bottoms, so ended up with black bottoms and purple top.  I still added piping to try and tie the pieces together.

These are View A boy shorts in black with some purple piping in the waistband.

I love the fit of these pants, but the instructions say to insert wide elastic (40mm) the same length as the waistband into the waistband.  Suddenly my great fit is gone and I am in muffin-top city! The swimwear elastic is very stiff and unforgiving and this does not work for me at all.  I have removed the elastic and as I mainly plan to wear these into the spa (not the surf) they do stay up well enough.  If I were to make these again I would put in narrower elastic, sewn at the inside, top of the waistband. .  

I also made View B pants as I had considered making a little mix and match wardrobe from this pattern.  These pants are a great fit and I have no issue with these.  To add the purple piping I cut the pants front 1/2" taller, split them about 1 1/2" from the top and sewed in the piping.  The piping was cut to a width of 3/4", folded over and sewn with a 1/4" seam.  (Hope this makes sense?)

I fully lined both pants bottoms.

The top...*sigh*... I had very high hopes that these would be similar to a RTW pair I have.  I had wanted to make them in black with purple piping, but could not cut it out of the fabric I had, so ended up with the opposite colourway.  This could be part of the issue as the purple is quite shiny and appears to gather unattractively.  My other major issue is the band under the cups.  It is sewn to the cups, then the seam is folded toward the band and top stitched to hold it in place.  Then the elastic is inserted into the band.   First time I top stitched the seam down I did not leave enough width for the elastic, so had to unpick it and sew it again really close to the edge.  Then the elastic is inserted and the clasps sewn on.  

There is a minor mistake in the instructions which says to turn the top ties out to the RS before attaching them to the cups.   Well you end up turning them back out the wrong way to do that.  Not a biggie, but annoying.

The band under the cups when worn does not sit nicely.  I have considered tightening it but am concerned I may just end up with more rolls! 

However, on a more positive note, I like the cups are lined and then you sew a separate piece of shortened lining that allows you to inset a bra cup. If I could find a padded insert, this could help me fill out the cups better and may make it look more flattering (I am a b cup).

I also added some black piping to the inside of the cups.

I have some photos of the swimsuit in View A on me - pleas excuse my snowy white tummy!

In summary, I have loved every Jalie pattern I have made, except this one.  This pattern did not live up to my expectations and I think there are better patterns out there.

In other news, I have been sewing but have not been able to rustle up my photographer (except for these quick snaps in the swimmers).  I have two other items to show you - the StyleArc Maggie jacket and the Biegnet skirt.  To whet your appetite a snap of the Maggie jacket.

  I will be back soon with a jacket review and more pics!  Ciao for now!


  1. Sorry to hear that you don't like these...they look fine through the computer monitor! I have that pattern but have not tried it. I thought the bra band would be tricky to do neatly. I haven't noticed the shorts on the pattern before...they look like they would be good for exercise wear. I'm going to go and dig that pattern out now.

  2. Your swimsuit looks very good from here, but comfort is a major thing. Pity that the pattern didn't work out.

  3. Yay Sue. You really jumped some hurdles with these cozzies. They look very professional to me. You've done a very neat job too. Love it.

  4. The pattern may not have worked but the finished product looks great, and you look great. I especially like your use of the purple in both pieces. Doesn't look like you just tried to use what was in your stash, looks very co-ordinated to me.

  5. Your bathers look great and I love the black & purple. I like your jacket too and look forward to your review.

  6. Bummer about the pattern, but I think your bathers look great. The piping is a really nice detail.

  7. The swimwear looks great on you and sorry that the patterns didn't meet your expectations. Loving the seek peak of your jacket.

  8. I think these turned out really well. I like the reverse colourway for the top. I have a Seafolly bikini that is very similar and came from a mix and match collection a few years back. It's a great way to extend a swimwear collection (not that I'm likely to need so many bikinis now I live in Tasmania). Maybe the lower band on the top could be wider next time? That might help with the comfort factor.

  9. Well it certainly looks wearable and I love your colors! I love that jacket - can't wait for the review.

  10. Nice looking set of swimmers! Hopefully it will grow on you because they are cute and flattering.


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