Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wrap top... Burda 02-2009-123

I am thinking this looked better on Diana than it does on me?  Maybe the neckline for the under top is too high??

Anyway this is my more detailed post on Burda 02-2009-123.

The main difference I made in mine to the pattern is that I changed the cuff finish to be a simple elastic one.  I left off the slit and bow - too fussy for my liking.  I did however have the foresight to double the fabric when I turned it to make a casing for the elastic, so the elastic can't be seen through the silk chiffon.

 The skirt is Burda 09-2008-120 which I have made twice before in brown and a floral print.

I think I made up some seam finishes as I went along.  If you follow the instructions carefully in the Burda magazine they actually tell you how to finish the shoulder seam tidily.  I needed all the other seams enclosed and tidy to suit the silk chiffon.  On the armhole I trimmed the seam allowance closet to the sleeve, turned the other seam allowance over it and then did a fine zigzag stitch over it.  I trimmed off any remaining seam allowance to make it tidy.  I hope this photo shows it well enough.

This is the hem from the inside, finished as detailed in the pattern.  Turned up, fine zig-zag and trimmed.

I wanted to use french seams on the side seams, but as you need to leave a gap to pass the tie through, I couldn't work out how to do it with a french seam.  So I very simply turned under each seam allowance, pressed and stitched it down.  You can see the stitching from the right side, but you don't notice it.  I am not sure if this is a 'real' way of seam finishing.

I made the orange skirt to coordinate with this top as it has orange in the diamonds, but tried it on with my little brown skirt and think I may prefer that.  I can see me wearing this with jeans too and will try my black trousers with it.

This top is a little different to what I usually wear, but I love it.   I think I just need to find the right pieces to go with it ... perhaps a new cami???...  I will be posting another blog post real soon as I have more photos to show you of the orange skirt and another two tops!   Ciao for now...


  1. Your top is gorgeous, and looks much better on you than on Diana. It looks to me as if it would look quite different with a range of colours as the underlayer - cream or ivory maybe? What a pretty and useful garment.

  2. I love it too and it sounds like it is going to be a really versatile piece in your wardrobe.

  3. Nice! It looks like you have a good set of wardrobe basics you can mix and match so when the brown skirt is in the wash you can reach for the orange.

  4. It looks much better on you! Love it with the brown skirt. Maybe an orange cami for the orange skirt. Great job on the seams.

  5. what a great pattern you have chosen to match your beautiful fabric - was this very difficult to work with as you have done such a good job.

    1. The silk georgette was much easier to work with than the silk for the sorbetto top. The georgette isn't as slippery so tends to cooperate a bit more.


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