Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still sewing... a new outfit...

A short post to let you know I am still sewing, albeit slowly :)

If you remember I made a brown silk sorbetto top.  I decided it would make a nice layering piece and remembered a piece of silk Georgette? I purchased from Tessuti's years ago.  I think I had been holding up making the top I had planned from this fabric as it needed a cami or some type of undershirt.  Viola! the sewing stash is starting to make sense.  So the ancient piece of Tessuti silk was pulled out and the planned top made - Burda 02-2009-123.  This took a little time and I was a little deterred by the instructions in Burda but with perseverance they made sense and the top evolved.  I think I made up some seam finishes as french seams weren't always working but will detail them in a later post about this top.

After that I wondered, what I would pair these tops with.  I have a brown skirt and a pair of black pants which may work but decided it was a good time to add a pop of colour with an orange skirt, as some of the little diamonds in the pattern in the silk top are orange.  So a piece of fabric was purchased and the TNT Burda 09-2008-120 was pulled out again (iteration # 3).

I will detail the sewing of these items in later posts (hopefully) when I get some better photos... Ciao!


  1. Love that wrap. Would look fantastic over a dress as well and pants too! Very versatile. This is where I find my biggest challenge - actually making a wardrobe out of my stash - nothing seems to match. You have done a great job. Looks lovely.

  2. I love it when it all comes together! Can't wait to see the completed outfit.

  3. Love your outfit, it has all come together so well, the pop of orange is perfect. I'm looking forward to hearing about the details.

  4. Orange - good choice Sue. I like the choice of colour to balance your look.

  5. I love this color combination! I really like the top, interested to hear how the construction went.

  6. What an elegant flowing top. So sophisticated looking!

  7. What a great outfit - love it when the stash has just what you need. I really like the wrap top - it might be time to drag out my Burda mags and get tracing.

  8. The top pattern is one my faves (I've made it 3 times) and your version is spectacular! It's such a great use for a piece of special fabric.

    1. I enjoyed looking at all your versions of this top and it helped convince me it was the right pattern to use for this fabric. Thanks for sharing them with us.


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