Thursday, February 3, 2011

Renovations and sewing...

Well, renovations and sewing do not make a good mix. So very little sewing has been happening as you can probably tell from my non-existent posting rate.

The house was built originally in the early 50's and has had a few ordinary add-ons done to it. We have had the back of the house and carport demolished and are adding a new front deck, carport and extending waaa..aay out the back. I get a new bedroom and this means I get to have the old bedroom as my new sewing studio!! Much sewing will be happening soon as it is finished!!

Pictures of the reno as it is now...

Front deck...

Front deck showing new undercover link to carport...

The back half which has been added on...
The back deck...
View of the extension from the back.
A more complete set of photos of the house can be see here for anyone interested.

I did manage to make two new skirts for work from Simplicity
2451. Photos next post. I have also been reading up on sewing swimwear as there is a swim spa in the back deck so I am determined to add swimwear to my repertoire now!


  1. A house renovation is a lot to work, but so exciting! Your own sewing studio will be fabulous!

  2. You have taken on a huge renovation, but the internal laundry and own sewing studio, what more can a girl ask for :)

  3. Looks like it will be amazing when finished :))))

  4. Wow, Sue. The reno looks amazing. I don't think I'd realised from your previous postings just how extensive the renovation was. The spa on the back deck sounds fabulous, as does the dedicated sewing space. Great stuff. Good to see that it's still happening on schedule!

  5. Renovations and extensions are fun! It will be great to have the extra space.

  6. It will be great when its done. Think of all the extra room you'll have. I like the skirt pattern your using.

  7. How good it will be to have a sewing room. I hope the end is in sight.


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