Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some questions and a preview to show their is some movement in the sewing room...

I have had some questions lately in the comments and I just wanted to answer them.

Ann-Marie from the Netherlands asked:

Love the way you dyed the fabric, may i ask how you did this?
I have lots of white fabric and my complexion prefers ecru.

I used a dye called i-dye which I can buy locally from Spotlight (a fabric and craft chain store). It is easy to use in the washing machine and has given me excellent results. I now look to buy good quality cottons in white on sale to dye to colours that I can wear (NAYY).

Gail asked where I get my bamboo fabric from:

The bamboo fabric I made into the orange top was dyed fabric I purchased from an ebay seller many years ago. I would not recommend this fabric as it shrinks easily and is very thin. However saying that, I love bamboo fabric and if I were going to buy some now, I would get it from The Bamboo Fabric Store, again NAYY, but I have bought some of their woven bamboo and seen samples at ASG industry days.

The long worked on McCalls top waiting for buttons - now it looks very plain but will look better when I get my black buttons on it - better photos to come.

And this is the next in the queue, Burda wof 12-2009-112 skirt

And these are the fabrics, a lovely plaid from the remnant bin at Gardams and a lovely blue rayon lining (in need of an iron here)

More 'real' photos soon...


  1. The blouse is lovely and that is a great plaid for that skirt.

  2. So close on that blouse! Looks like it will be cute.

  3. Thanks for the tip on bamboo fabric. Your blouse is beautiful.

  4. The blouse is pretty. I did like the ruffle,though. I made this BWOF skirt recently and I forgot to sew the inside button on before I stitched the waistband down so I had to stitch through both layers which meant it showed on the outside. I sewed another button on the outside to cover the stitches. It's a very quick and easy sew and suprisingly comfortable and flattering.

  5. The skirt pattern is going to be great for you Sue. You have such a trim little figure these days!! Love the plaid you have set aside for it too.

  6. That's a very pretty blouse. Love it!

  7. I really love the will look fantastic with black buttons. I can't wait to see the skirt!


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