Friday, April 2, 2010

Close .. but no banana!

I am continuing on McCalls 5522 and have finally cut into the real fabric. I love this fabric which is called Instantly Heirloom cotton (teal) from Gorgeous fabrics. However I probably should have considered more how the stripes of embroidery were going to work in this pattern.

I cut it today and really tried hard to pattern match and this is the result ..(the photos are not true to colour - it is a teal colour, not grey!)

This is the centre back - full marks...

The front - not perfect but good enough, considering this is mostly hidden by the ruffle...

The shoulder...oops, didn't consider the match at the shoulder! So considering the stripes are matching (but to the wrong ones) this is probably not too bad. They matched as well as this as I cut the stripes evenly around the centre lines so it could have been worse...

Major oops the side back - I am sure I checked these lined up... however I reckon I must have laid that piece upside down (that is, what I thought was the top of the piece was actually the bottom)!

I don't have enough fabric to cut another of these (plus it is all sewn in and top stitched) so it will have to be! Hopefully with it being the side back the sleeves should distract from this area...


  1. I think it's going to be lovely! What a pretty fabric. I can't imagine that anyone will notice the slightly off side back tucked away there under your arm. The back is just perfect!

  2. You have done a brilliant job of matching the stripes for the back and front and the shoulders work as well, so give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your wonderful blouse.

  3. Its going to be a pretty blouse and as for the off kilter print... I see it as a designer element.

  4. It is looking lovely and I agree with Julia - it won't be noticed. People will be so impressed you made it they won't notice the things you notice. It is great.


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