Sunday, June 28, 2009

The shirt continues & shopping...

Well - I was hoping to post photos of my skirt and perhaps a finished shirt - not yet *sigh*.
The skirt is obviously finished but it was cold this week-end so nothing happened on the photo front.

The shirt - well it is continuing & continuing ....& continuing... It is the case of everything that can go wrong will go wrong! I have put the sleeves in - one lot of unpicking as I put one sleeve in backwards, then the flat fell seam - sewn three times unpicked twice! Once I worked out I needed to baste the flat fell seam (as it is a curved seam) then it worked. Now I am up to unpicking the collar - oih!
In amongst all that - I tried it on once the side seams were done & ... I don't love it! I think the gathered fronts are overwhelming. Anyway I have decided to finish it and try to reserve judgement as I thought the muslin was OK.

I had a really big week last week - last week-end shopping with Caity - bought the following fabrics at our Gardams on sale...
The first on the left - a lovely jersey print in autumnal tones for a dress, next a beautiful shirting cotton (Italian I think) - it has a self weave in it which does not show up in the photo (I am really on a shirt kick) and then two more shirting fabrics - a striped chambray and a blue chambray - much cheaper than the white shirting fabric

A big week at work, so I could get Friday off to attend a day with the Pattern Review girls down in Brisbane. It was fabulous to catch up with them. We chat a lot on the message boards (did I say we chat a lot...) and we had a lovely addition to the group Lynn from Portland Oregon who is living in Australia for the short-term.
Caity & I left Toowoomba just after 8 am and drove to the faaarrrr.. side of Brisbane to East Coast Fabrics and met up with the girls. Lots of chat as we got to know everyone but we did still manage to buy some fabrics. The two I bought - on the far left of the photo, a lovely white shirting fabric with a grid pattern woven into the fabric ($7.95/m)and at the far right, the poly chiffon (with a crinkle - can't remember what you call that) but at $5.95 /m a bargain for a nice tunic top. It has a really cute floral small scale print I love on a black background.

After we drove off and lost the others even though I promised I would lead the way... we made our way to Indooroopilly (or the shiny shops as the programmed GPS lady informed us - my husband's handy!) and stopped for much needed refreshments- coffee & lunch.
Then off to Sckaff's where amazingly, I purchased nothing. I was looking for a piece of jersey in a particular colour and they didn't have it. We left the others then, after showing Lynn the bus stop (hope you found your way OK Lynn!)
Caity & I decided to stop at The Indooroopilly Gardams to look for the elusive jersey - which I found - yay! It is the dusky purple that is in the middle of the above photo. That will be another version of the Vogue DVF wrap dress.
After that the drive home where it took us an hour to get from Indooroopilly to Wacol (30 mins longer than it should)... we broke out the nasty 80's CD and sang our way out of it....
After a brief stop at home to freshen up, Caity & I went out for drinks, drinks, more drinks and dinner with some of the girls from gym - a great night with much laughter. Next day - very tired...


  1. Those are great fabrics! Sounds like you had a good time on your holiday. I am in the shirt sew-along also. I haven't got going yet. I made a sample of some pleating I want to do, but decided I don't like the outcome. Back to the drawing board!

  2. I feel your pain re the shirt. Unpicking is never fun, but unpicking seams which have been flat felled, or clipped or top stitched are very very unfun.

    How great that you got a PR catch up where you live. Nothing like meeting kindred spirits for sewing chats.


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