Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ignorance Rules...

I am really saddened to hear that a club I have been very heavily involved with has decided to no longer link to members blogs. I take this as a real insult that they do not wish to be associated with their member's blogs and am horrified at the ignorance that they believe if opinions are stated in personal blogs that by having a link to theirs that people will think it will reflect on them. That only shows how little they understand about blogging. I have now deleted links to their blog and am contemplating deleting all ties with the Club. As I said, I have done heaps for this group and now I wonder why I have wasted all that time to help a Club that has this kind of disregard for it's members.
A big old slap in the face from the Club - perhaps it really is time to move on!


  1. Yep.

    No understanding at all. And they wonder why they can't attract and keep new members?!

  2. TeaBot 5000™ v3.0November 6, 2008 at 6:10 PM

    It's sad, but then when was that organisation truly healthy, in terms of its stated goals, and in actually encouraging individual quilters, or promoting friendship among its members?

    The few friendships I've seen grow out of the club were more like clusters of refugees from the oppressive types who overrule the roost.

  3. Couldn't locate your email address so I'd like to thank you here for your nice comment on my blog.


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