Sunday, November 9, 2008

Endless Combinations - Item 1

Here is a photo of the first item in the Endless Combinations competition on Excuse the scary face without make-up. I could have cropped it off but I figured headless bodies gets a bit much too. Here is the back view of the skirt - it is actually hemmed straight but it looks crooked in this photo!
My review is here for anyone interested. It has taken me ages to set up the review and contest entry so I don't feel much like talking about this skirt any more. If you want info on it please see the review.

I need to go and trace the pattern for my next item.


  1. Well done! The fit looks great and that fabric is just perfect for this little pencil skirt. YAY!!!

  2. Sue - I really love this skirt. The fabric is a perfect match for the style and you're off to a good start on the competition. I've taken a couple of days off sewing and I'll rethink things next week. I'll head over and see the review. Thanks. Maree

  3. Really lovely outfit, like it a lot!
    I'm vowing to leave messages now on blogs that I read, didn't realise bloggers LOVE reading comments. Sorry that it had to take a freebie to get me out of lurkdom.
    TTFN, Brrmm aka Karen in Brisvegas

  4. Wow what a great skirt! That fabric is perfect. Nice job!


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