Thursday, April 21, 2016

FO ... Fressia wrap

Finally finished.  

I started knitting this wrap before my Cruise in 2014 so that I would have a project to take with me.  I did knit it on the cruise, then I did more knitting on my 2015 camping/kayaking holiday up North and recently I had a day of sitting home with no power while solar panels were being installed so I finished it... yay!

The pattern is called Freesia and this is the description 

"Freesia is an asymmetric shawl designed for DK weight yarns. It is knit diagonally using yarn overs, decreases and lots and lots of garter stitch. You start at one end and continue knitting until you run out of yarn or sooner if you reach the desired length."

A great holiday knit.  

The yarn I used is Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed and is a blend of 85% Wool, 10% Silk, and 5% Cashmere. This is a lovely squishy yarn to work with and easy to join using the felted join (or spit splice), which I found out when I accidentally cut through a number of strands in one ball when cutting the paper tag off a new ball... *roll eyes* , well I was on a cruise!

I have finished this just in time for the change in season and can't wait to wear it out.

Ciao kittens... hopefully sewing post soon.


  1. Gorgeous scraf and love the colour.

  2. What a beautiful colour! It will be perfect for the next few months of cooler weather.

  3. Oh boy, this is beautiful. Your story of the extended time to finish reminds me of my go at the Stephen West Boneyard shawl - took me forever to finish it! I really like your pattern and adore the color. wonderful!

  4. Pretty! I haven't seen this pattern.

  5. Lovely, great colour and the yarn blend sounds very nice.

  6. I've been knitting a moebius cowl in the Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed for about three years now (I am not a natural born knitter!) and agree it's a lovely yarn to work with. It feels so nice between your fingers. You've chosen a beautiful colour, that suits you so well.

  7. This is really lovely. I'm very envious of your knitting skills.

  8. I love your scarf! Finding patterns on Ravelry is so time consuming so surfing into your blog and seeing a pattern I really like is great. Thank you.


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