Monday, March 28, 2016

Baby gifts... bunnies and bibs

Well the quilting has been put on the back burner for the moment.  Quilts are such big projects I have lost interest, so I decided to do some fun sewing.  What is more fun than sewing for babies?  I came across a cute bunny pattern at The Quilters Angel when I was there buying some bias binding to make bibs and thought I would make some bunnies as well as bibs.  The pattern is called Bunny Bundle and is by Calico Farm Designs.

I managed to use stash fabric for the bunnies and some trim I had, but did buy some ric rac. The only other purchase was some yarn to crochet the flowers but I preferred my bunnies with no flowers.  So much for using up stash... now I have more yarn in the stash ... sigh...

The pattern is good.  Not much else to say except I got totally carried away and made 6 bunnies!  At least they have looked nice decorating my house for Easter!

The only difference I made to the pattern (apart from leaving off the crochet flowers) was to not use buttons for the eyes or tail.  These are going to be gifts for babies so I need them to be safe for them, even though they are really more decorative than a toy.  I used black felt for the eyes and made yoyos for the tails.  I am pretty pleased with them and have a few favorites in the bunch, that may not get gifted...ahem...

I also made some bibs.  I had enough fabric leftover from last time I made bibs to make another pair.  The only change is I used a different backing fabric.  I bought tea towels which are meant to be highly absorbent.  So they look pretty much, exactly like my last set. The pattern is a TNT for me now as that makes 5 bibs I have made from it now and I am sure there will be more.

so enough baby gifts stocked away for now.  Ciao for now kittens... Happy Easter!


  1. Oh how timely and oh how cute! I love these little guys and I can see why some will stay home!

  2. These are so cute! And how great that you can use up some of your stash fabrics for them!


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